Running on Azure runs on Brandoo WordPress & SQL Azure

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Bandoo WordPress is grounded in an up-to-date, stable branch of CMS WordPress system, further enhanced by an abstract layer responsible for communication with the MS SQL or Azure SQL databases.

Brandoo WordPress has been created without interference in the original WordPress code. It is 100% compatible with the WordPress repository. We added the plug-in responsible for the translation of database inquiries, and also created a new installer, which (already at the beginning of the installation process) includes the choice of database engine to be used.

It took a few mouse clicks and about a minute to spin up the SQL Azure database. I was then able to create the website using the Brandoo WordPress selection in the Windows Azure gallery. With a few more mouse clicks and a couple more minutes, my WordPress website was ready to be configured. All told, it took approximately 5 minutes and less than 10 mouse clicks to create this site. Well done, Azure and well done, Brandoo!!! I also need to thank our Art Director for the “Running on Azure” graphic.

For more information, visit the Brandoo WordPress Project.

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